Marketing Benefits

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The Business Members of Realities For Children are community leaders invested in the welfare of our community's youth in need.  It is our goal to see those businesses supported by community members so they continue to grow and help us reach further in service.  Thanks to our generous media partners, our Members enjoy many marketing benefits in virtually every form of media, marketing and networking opportunities. The current marketing benefits are listed under the Membership Levels below. 

For a complete list of all our Business Members, please visit HERE. 


Gold Membership

(larger logo in marketing)

General Membership

(logo inclusion in marketing)

Supporter Level

(Business name printed in marketing)

RFC Logo Rights: Your membership affords you the use of our logo. We encourage you to place it on your business cards, invoices, website and other marketing materials. It is easily recognized by people in this community and affiliates you with choosing to make it your business to make a difference in the lives children in need.

RFC Window Decal: We recommend placing these in a highly visible spot, like your front door. Most of our Business Members proudly post this sticker to let current and potential customers know they are choosing to work with a community invested business.  This may be a deciding factor in doing business with you versus a competitor.

Member Discount Card: Present your card whenever you visit members of Realities For Children and you may receive discounts on goods and services! For a full listing of current members participating in the program please use the mobile app or visit the Members Only Discounts page. In addition to saving you money, it is an excellent way to network and support other community minded businesses like your own.

Print advertising in local news media that specifically includes YOUR business:

The Coloradoan: (circulation 27,000) Inclusion in a Full-page ad promoting all Business Members (logo or printed name), runs typically in December.

BizWest: (circulation 6,000) Inclusion in our ad recognizing new Business Members with your logo. (all levels)

Parent Magazine: (circulation 49,000) Inclusion in our ad recognizing new Business Members with your logo or name.

50 & Better Magazine: (circulation 15,000) Inclusion in our ad recognizing new Business Members with your logo or name.

Loveland Reporter-Herald: Inclusion in our ad recognizing new Business Members with your logo or name. Inclusion in a Full-page ad promoting all Business Members (logo or printed name), runs typically in December.

Print advertising that recognizes select Business Members and provides general promotion of Realities For Children:

Style Magazine: (circulation 80,000) This general information piece encourages readers to visit the Realities For Children website and shop, dine or hire our Business Members.  

The Coloradoan: Testimonial Campaign - Full-color ads run weekly for 12 weeks every fall featuring a different Business Member and Affiliate Youth Agency each week.

Parent Magazine – runs our testimonial campaign every month throughout the year as well.

Realities For Children Business Member Directory:

4x/yr. Realities For Children produces and distributes a 16-page full-color glossy membership Directory that features your logo or name, contact and discount information.  These are distributed via direct mail to all Business Members and Affiliate Youth Agencies.

4x/yr. a distribution of 6,000 16-page, full-color newprinted Directories will be distributed at over 300 locations throughout Larimer County.  Displayed for pick-up in conjunction with Parent Magazine display racks.

Direct Mail Opportunities: Members are welcome to insert materials in our membership Directory direct mail campaigns. These are an excellent way to share your marketing materials with other business members and agency staff. You are welcome to bring in 300 pieces of print marketing (size 8x10 single-page flyer or smaller) and we will include it in our next mailing.

Electronic & Web Marketing:

Real-News E-Newsletter: Monthly we create an electronic newsletter that is emailed to all our business members, agencies and subscribers featuring upcoming events, member spotlights and features. As a member you are invited to submit announcements you would like to include to [email protected].

Social Media: We are very active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and You Tube.  With a fan following on Facebook of over 5,500 people, our posts pack a punch! A welcome announcement will be posted on the first of the month that you join. Whenever there is news you would like to share with the community please email [email protected].

Realities For Children Website: We are consistently directing people in our community to visit our website at to view the members of Realities For Children. 

Realities For Children Mobile App for Android and IPAD/IPHONE: Your logo, phone number and link to your website will be featured in our app courtesy of Powder Dynamics! You can download the app from itunes or google play on your smart phone.

Other Advertising and Marketing Promotions:

Radio Advertising: As a welcome for joining Townsquare Media on the Realities For Children Business Team, receive a $500 Gift Certificate towards advertising on one of the 4 radio stations – K99, TRI-102.5, 99.9 The Point, or 94.3 The X.

Event Visibility: Realities For Children Members are promoted at all Premier events, Affiliate Agency events and Community events encouraging attendees to use Business Members’ services when needed.  Realities For Children runs, sponsors, attends or benefits from over 130 events each year and encourage community support of Business Members (signage/directory distribution)

Full Color Signage: At our premier events throughout the year, as well as at expos and networking events, we display our electronic Member screen that features your company’s full color logo to make attendees aware of your commitment to youth in need and encourage them to do business with you when they need your services.

Member Networking Lunches and Socials: Realities For Children provides monthly networking lunches for business members to network with other invested businesses in order to connect and grow your business base.  You are also invited to be a guest at Realities For Children Sponsored events throughout the year to increase your networking reach.