About Realities For Children - Collaboration In Action


Realities For Children was incorporated in 1995 and has been funding the unmet needs of Larimer County children who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk since 1996. Currently Realities For Children supports the services of 31 local youth agencies and represents over 200 Business Members invested in making it their business to make a difference.  

The founder of Realities For Children is a former child protection case manager with Larimer County Child Protective services.  After years of seeing children slipping through the cracks of the system, he dedicated his efforts to creating a safety net of service and funding for children who have faced abuse and neglect so that no child would be forgotten. He called this safety net Realities For Children.  

During the process of creating the programs core services, another issue became apparent.  The agencies that would utilize these resources and services would be in direct competition with one another for the finite resources available through grants, donations and fundraising dollars.  This competition design created a lack of collaboration and inefficient provision of services.

To address these issues and create a resource that could both unite agencies and community in service, Realties For Children created a program that would be non-competitive to the agencies they support.  To do this, all the administrative costs for services would need to be underwritten privately. It was this interest in creating a collaborative alliance of youth agencies, programs and services that lead to the innovative design of Realities For Children that has redefined the concept of fiscal efficiency and gained national attention.

Realities For Children is a hybrid of two entities working together to connect the human services community with the business community, providing the most efficient and direct service possible to support the needs of local children who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk.

The first entity is Realities For Children, Inc.  This is a non-profit cause marketing organization comprised of local businesses.  These Business Members pay a monthly membership fee that provides marketing for their business and the positive name association and consumer appeal of supporting the needs of children in our community.  These fees are a tax deductible marketing expense, not a charitable donation and as a result, do not compete with the funding resources of the Affiliate Youth Agencies.

The second entity is Realities For Children Charities, a 501c3 charitable organization where all tax deductible donations and fundraising returns are directed.  Realities For Children Charities underwrites all youth programs, affiliate agency support and emergency grants as they are requested.  As the membership fees of Realities For Children underwrite all administrative costs and implementation of services, 100% of all donations received are directly distributed to the children we serve.

Realities For Children illustrates the power of private-social partnerships and has been honored in the business, human services and governmental sectors universally for its ability to unite businesses, human services and community members in the fight against child abuse.  In addition, Realities For Children has created a sustainable 100% distribution of donations to a county-wide demographic.  

In dedicating efforts towards agency collaboration, community education and immediate support to children in need, Realities For Children has effectively created an opportunity for everyone to make a difference in the life of a child. 

100% of all donations made to Realities For Children Charities are distributed directly to the youth we serve through our 31 Affiliate Youth Agencies.